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FNL--April 5th!! Our STUDENTS Answers & Descriptions^^

We begin at 12am (midnight South Korea time)! Please prepare answers for the following questions^^

BASE questions

If you could, where would you go tomorrow?
If you had $50, what would you spend it on?
Do you like dogs?
What is a typical day for your mother?

Describe this picture!

This picture indicates the probability of giants living in ancient times. Maybe they were very individualistic and could not live a long time.

Skeletons tell so many things to mankind. They bring back to life their historical evolution to our modern eyes. We can discover so many things; for example their lifestyle, culture and much more.

, i.e.


They say, that only one step separates love and hate. But it seems that there is an even smaller distance between life and death.

Rest (left over) of older cultures maybe
The remnants of an old culture.
An older culture…an old culture

Old—past…doesn’t exist anymore
Older…more traditional…your parent’s culture


If this is not the result from a recent disaster, this place and the skeleton are proof of an ancient civilization and this archeologist is researching those things.
Paleontologist (study dinosaurs)…
Archeologist (study human history)

BASE questions

If you could, where would you go tomorrow?
If you had $50, what would you spend it on?
Do you like dogs?
What is a typical day for your mother?

Yes! I like small dogs. Chihuahuas, Pomeranians. Jyoti, too! Why? I can carry them around. I can show them to my friends. Do you like dogs? I don’t like big dogs, but at a friend’s house, it’s okay! Dogs need a LOT of attention. Any particular breeds? It looks like they’re wearing a fur coat.

I don’t need anything…I would spend it at an orphanage or to a homeless person. You seem kind. Have you ever given money to those places? Yes. Are you a student or do you have a job? I’m a student. Where’s the MONEY?!! Allowance? Spending money/pocket money. $10 a week. 16 y/o. Why do you donate? What inspires you? I think it’s really important to take care of them. So, I try. Most 16 y/o spend money on movies or restaurants, but you donate? What made you this way? Inspiration? Your parents? What influenced you? My parents support me. How much do you give? Not always, but when I have time I do something. How else do you spend money? Clothes, books? Gifts! You are selfless? You always spend on others?
I really like it.

How is the weather in Brazil? It’s too hot! I want to go to Kashmir or someplace not in India. I want to stay hillstation? (Mountainous villages)
You want to visit our beaches? Yes, the swimming helps us cool off! In India, beaches? Yes, on the Western part and Southern part. Many beaches. There are no better beaches in the world than in Brazil—so you will find a paradise in Brazil on the beaches. Have you been abroad? Not yet. So, I will travel first in my country! What’s the temperature in Brazil? 32 degrees to 35. Is it summer? No, we are in fall. Have you see the Taj Mahal? No, I’ve never been to Agra. It was built for a woman, correct? Yes. To show his love for a woman. What else interests you about Brazil? Beaches and the Carnival!! Have you seen Carnival on TV? Just pictures~ Some songs! Carnival is the most well-known event in Brazil. It’s in February every year. The major event is in Rio de Janeiro. What can I tell you about India? I don’t know much…

Ola!! I would buy some books. What kind? I prefer history, but I like poetry and literature, too. I like scientific books—astronomy, psychology, psychoanalysis. Maybe you have a PhD in Science? Philosophy Doctorate. Doctorate. I do have a PhD in history. You are very intelligent?! Not exactly. But I studied history a lot. In Portuguese or Spanish? In Portuguese. Are the languages similar? Similar, but it’s not that easy to understand each other. You can understand it, but not everything. I follow some Brazilian MMA fighters, the written language seems similar to Spanish. Yes, from a foreigners point of view—especially German, English and Russian. But, from my point of view, it’s quite different. Yesterday, I watch a soccer game, Crusado…teams from my city! But, I don’t like soccer. I think watching it is a waste of time. It was a match between Argentina and Brazil, there was a fight! Is it normal? If it happens in my country, the players go to jail. The people of Brazil love football, so the vibration is enormous. So they do fight! They shout! They even kill for their teams. Like the hooligans in the UK. They become violent. That’s how much they love it. Tea! Mate. “Mate—mache” Where did you hear about it? On the internet. It’s good for your health.
Like every other tea!! It has caffeine. Like coffee.
It’s a herb/an herb.

I would send it to SHANE! Send it to send flowers to Steve Jobs cemetery. The Apple creator? What did you know about Jobs? Today I even read about him. He was a “crazy” business manager! He was VERY sensitive in business. I read that he was very superstitious. He even tried to get cured by a shaman. He didn’t believe in modern medicine. He was the owner of Pixar. Wally! Monster Inc.? Yes! It was funny~ What was the name of the other company… He had a deal with Disney. Steve found Apple with Steve Wosniac. He was forced out of Apple. During that time he created Pixar. Have you ever seen Star Wars? By George Lucas? Lucas sold his studio to Jobs, then Jobs created Pixar. Then he sold Pixar to Disney! He had a great deal? Did you know this story? Yes, I read about it. It’s very interesting—he was genius. Nobody knew about Pixar but Jobs he grew it to the best.

Two places…Macchu Piccu becuz I want to know more about my culture. Egypt, I want to know about the Giza Pyramids, the culture…all about the ancient history. You are from Peru? Yes. In your opinion, which is more powerful and more famous? Macchu Piccu! Mayan culture? No, it’s Incan. People say MP is the belly button of the world. It’s not only fantastic, it’s magical. You can feel the energy when you go there. It’s more than culture, it’s the way you feel.
What about the BIG architecture/buildings? It’s an old city built in the mountains, the houses/buildings are built into the mountains. If you visit there, you will ask MANY questions…how? How? How?!! How did they get the water? How did they move the stones?
Why did they build in the mountains? To escape from the Conquistadors (conqueror). So they hid in these high cities. How did they die? Mayans…

She’s a nurse. She’s very busy. My mother watches Korean dramas and likes watching love stories. Does she cook? Not always, because my father or younger sister cooks. She’s a working mother? She works hard. A nurse. She helps women deliver babies. In the Maternity Ward/Section. Does she spend quality time with you? When I was young! If I get sick, she does^^ Okinawa—2 years. What do you do together? She always watches dramas!!! I try to change the channel, but she like Korean dramas!! We fight!!! Do you help her with chores? Cleaning, washing dishes, washing clothes! Of course, I have to clean by myself. Do you massage her legs or hands? NO!! I never touch her! You should do that when she grows older.
 My younger sister will do it!

Drama (daily): TV
Movie: Theater

I don’t like them, but I like puppies. Do you want one? No!! It takes lots of care, time!! A great responsibility. No pets? Fish in my aquarium. Squirrels, rabbits! Chickens (chicks [baby chickens]) No dogs! Puppies are cute! Alcian…they were barking at you!! I was scared!

I like dog. I like dog meat!
I like dogs. Any kind of dog.

I like human. (Hannible Lector) (Silence of the Lambs)
I like humans!!!

I like chicken. (meat)
I like chickens. (birds)

Lessons…English lessons!! What else? Boring answer. Books. What type? Feature…? Novels, modern prose, What’s your favorite novel? One of your favorites: Three Friends… What’s it about? WWII. The cities during the war…how people lived. The repaired cars in their garage… the difficulties of their lives. Where’s the author from? A German author. In Germany. “Remark”…Fascism…Nazism…Most Germans were pro-Nazi, but not Remark.

Fascism: when Business & Government join… State controls the economy…socialism…”spreading the wealth”…keeping the wealth/control. THE USA
Monsanto (company) Bechtel…Pharmaceutical … strong relationships with the US Govt. They can operate in America without following the Constitution.

Nazism: Nationalistic, Superiority Complex

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