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FNL!! It's Friday Night Live time!!

We begin at MIDNIGHT South Korea time on Google Plus tonight!!

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Tonight, I would like you to describe the animated gif:

Good luck and see you tonight^^

Coach Shane

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's the difference between LITTLE and SMALL?

Vladislav Spector asked that question on our Let's Master English community.

Manoj gave the first great answer...

MANOJ pandeyApr 19, 2013
small = limited in size or amount when compared
little = small in size or amount
I'd rather live in a small town than a big city
it came in a little box

Then Gustavo offered a great link:

Gustavo A. Fernández BermejoApr 19, 2013

And then I offered a few more examples:

All good answers and references...

BUT! My little brother refers to my younger brother and my smaller brother refers to my physically smaller brother--he could be younger or older!

I had a little cake. (could be an entire cake that wasn't very large OR just a tiny portion of a cake!)
I had a small piece of cake. (a tiny portion)

I exercise a little every day.
I exercise a small amount every day. (the same as above)

A little cold is okay, but not -10 degrees!
~~~SMALL~~~doesn't work

I'll have a little coffee. (not very much)
I'll have a small amount of coffee. (SAME as above)
I'll have a small coffee. (specific size (Small, Medium, Large))

Your head is small. (physically "under-sized")
You have a little head. (Same)

Give me a little hug. (affectionate...not too long)
Give me a small hug.  (not very affectionate, very short)

Can you think of more interesting examples?^^

Friday, April 19, 2013

FNL April 19th!! With our students example sentences!!!

We have another Hangout tonight! It's free--it's open to ANYONE! I hope you can join me.

Tonight's mission:

Describe this picture~

Here's our Hangout and BELOW is our sentences^^

The way she's pumping gas looks like a bartender's trick. Maybe it's a new job at gas stations, which allows some beauty to be added to this job. I'd call them gas bartenders.

This picture shows a woman who actually wants to refuel her car. But, since her relationship with her husband is on the rocks, she might be thinking of the car as her husband and the fuel pump as a pistol. So, she’s trying to shoot him.

A fuel pump

It was the last moment of humanity caught by Terminator’s camera before the nuclear explosion.

Ca me ra
Cam ra

She is carelessly pumping gas into her car. Since gas is spilling out, this could cause an explosion that might blow her and her car up.

I think she is wasting petrol, and I can't help but feel sorry because in my country India, petrol is very costly.

Natural Gas (America)
LPG: Propane!!
US: gas/gasoline   UK: petrol
Petroleum: oil…oil products
Benzene/Diesel/kerosene (airplanes/heaters)
Siphon! (to siphon—to steal gas! To move gas from one container to another container)

This is a woman refueling her car in a wrong way. It's very dangerous but funny to me.

Dan ger ous
Dayn jrous

Yeah, they were right! It’s really easy to wash a car even if it's your first time! I hope it will be easy to fill it up, too!

Damn it! Another mistake! What the heck is wrong with me today?

What can go wrong will go wrong! (Murphy’s Law)

Zoolander Ben Stiller…Owen Wilson

It’s a piece of cake to refuel a car. (Sarcasm!)

It looks like the woman is trying to wash her car with what appears to be that thing that looks kind of like a pistol which car drivers usually hold in their hands when filling up their gas tanks with gas.

Friday, April 12, 2013

FNL, April 12, 2013 ~ With our students' Descriptions and Answers^^

Hi!! It's Friday again, time for another Google+ Hangout!!!

You have TWO things to do tonight:

1. Describe this picture:

2. Tell us THREE things that we should know about your city/country!

This picture shows a girl who might be afraid of touching worms. Noticing that her hand is being held by someone, I can say that it must be her father's hand who wants his daughter to overcome this fear. And, by looking at her cute smile, it seems that she is actually afraid, but she is not letting her father know it.

Mom forbade me to have a dog or a cat because of their fur! I think I've found the perfect pet!

Feathers (birds)

The little girl is attaching bait to the hook. She is excited to have her first fishing experience.

Bait (noun/verb) worms, leeches, corn, artificial bait

This amazing girl is very lucky and happy to have a worm. I hope for her sake that she will not become a dull, nagging woman to her husband—always wanting more and more money, thinking only about shopping, expensive makeup… May she stay as humble and nice as in this photo in the future. 

This little girl should hang her hat on the fact that she caught this worm. I used to do all this busy work when I felt boxed in during my childhood days. Some of my friends told me these things are like another nail in the coffin, but I used to tell them, “Come on, man it up.”

Dailyeasyenglish (youtube)

This girl went fishing along with her dad. When she took the bait into her hand to attach it to a fishing hook, she was excited to touch it!

It’s a fun day for this girl and the last day for that worm!! Maybe he’ll survive ))

Worms are asexual. (male/female)

A fun day…an interesting/exciting day
A funny day/a fun day

An angler/fisherman is teaching his daughter how to bait a hook with a leech.

Tell me three things we should know about your city.

Alex: Nothing to see!!!! No pyramids, no waterfalls!
Lida. Lida is located in the Western part of Belarus.
Belarus is NW of Poland. It’s 1000 km from Moscow.
Are you student?
No, I’m a teacher. I teach them about the automobile engineering.
A vocational college.
Construction vehicles, Bilaz is the name.

Bhaskar: My city, Vijayawada, it means “the land of victory”. It’s the third biggest city in our state.
We have a bus station called PNBS. It’s the 2nd biggest and busiest in Asia. Our railway station is the 2nd biggest junction in India.
Our city is famous for the automobile industry. Also garments, pickles, and small scale industries.
We have a temple named Kanakadurga Goddess. People all over the country come to visit. On the bank of the River Kushna; the temple is on a hill, when the water from the river touches the golden nose pin of the goddess, the world will end. (According to a famous fortune teller in our state).
We also have famous wooden toys called Kondapalli. They export those toys, too.
We also have a dance—Kuchipudi.
What is a brand name of cars made there?
No manufacturing—only spare parts. And repairs. Especially for trucks (lorries).
What about chemicals in the toys?
Not with Kondapalli. They are wooden toys and are slightly painted. They are environmentally friendly^^.

Jaskaran: My city, Sirsa, it’s one of the oldest cities in northern India. Its history goes back to one of the biggest wars on earth—Mahabharata.
My city has the world’s largest blood donation campaign. Last year we were in the Guinness Book!
It is also famous for having one of the largest air force bases in India.
Are you a Sikh?
Sikh is a religion. This religion is related to Hindu. Sikh means “a learner”. It’s a mixture of all religions. It was originally the name of a human—but nowadays it has become a religion. But I don’t follow that.

Jyoti: I will tell about Orissa—a state in India.
It’s famous for the Jagannath Temple. It’s famous for its annual cart festival. It is known as Rath Yatra.
Konark Temple is a sun temple. It is known as the Black Pagoda. Because when the sun rises, it first falls on this temple. The angle in which it was constructed makes it so that the sun rises over it.
The Odissi dance is also famous. It’s a classical form of dance. It’s famous all over India.
Can you do the Odissi dance?
Not really, I only dance for my happiness!
Is it difficult?
There are many difficult steps! You need lessons! Without a teacher, it’s really tough.

Kate: Kazakhstan. It’s a very large country-9th largest in the world. It’s the largest without a coast.
It’s the motherland of tulips and apples! We have a city which can be translated as Father Apple—Almaty.
The capital is Astana. It means “capital”! The city is very modern looking.
What’s the main religion?
Muslim and Christian.
No formal religion. People are not very religious here. It’s not very openly discussed.
I saw the Borat movie, what do people think of Borat? Does he have fans? Sasha Baron Cohen.
A lot of people here are offended. The movie is forbidden here. You can’t see it in the theaters.
It wasn’t shown in theaters/cinemas.
You can watch it, but businesses didn’t support it. I watched it, but I thought it was trash. I wasn’t offended. I thought he was teasing both Americans and Kazakhs.
Have you seen his other characters? He makes fun of people who have strong views.
I think he makes fun of ignorant people who believe the media and governments.

Mikhail: Russia. I’m from Moscow.
Russia’s famous for launching the first man into space. Yuri Gagarin. It was in 1961. Soon after, a woman went—Valentina Tereshkova. Cosmonaut!
The Kremlin is very famous in Moscow. Every tourist to Moscow visits the Kremlin! It’s actually a citadel. The Czars/Tsars used to live there.
The Matrioska Dolls—the stacking dolls are also very famous. Near the Kremlin you can buy those dolls^^
Are there differences from the USSR and Russia?
Yes. Many. Russia is now democratic.
Do the Communists control the gov’t?
No, they have no political influence. There is a party, but they have a minor role in Russian politics.
During Communist rule, many people in India were influenced by Lenin.
Yes, he was very famous at that time. Nowadays, people don’t really care.

Raito: Malaysia: We have the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest buildings in the world from ’98 to ’04.
We have a rice dish called Nasilemek. It is cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaves. It’s a main dish. We eat it with chili, peanuts, eggs, chicken…anything!!
Similar to fried rice!
Pandan leaves are an aromatic leaf.
Basal leaves are similar to pandan leaves.
We have a multicultural society. There are many Chinese, Malay and Indians in our country. We practice our own unique cultures together in harmony.
How is democracy in your country?
Our country is democratic, but fully?!! We will have general elections next month.
Why do you doubt it?
The government restricts freedom of speech.

Sergej: The Berlin Wall was torn down in 1989. It separated East and West Berlin.
The Berlin Zoo is very famous. Especially for its polar bear, but it died 3 years ago.
The Berlin Orchestra is very famous, too—the Berlin Philharmonic. It’s famous worldwide with the greatest musicians.
Germany is a country of culture.
Do you like the Reichstag?
Yes, it’s Germany’s parliament building. It’s famous for its circular roof made of glass and column made of mirrors.
Reich = empire
Tag = a place of business

Miguel: Cadiz’s the oldest city in Europe—over 3,000 years old. (The Greeks might argue with you!)
It’s the cradle of flamenco music.
We have really good, deep-fried foods—fish, peppers, etc.
Jyoti: What is the historical significance of your country?
Spain, back in the 16thC, was the most powerful empire in the world. Spain was what the US is.

Friday, April 5, 2013

FNL--April 5th!! Our STUDENTS Answers & Descriptions^^

We begin at 12am (midnight South Korea time)! Please prepare answers for the following questions^^

BASE questions

If you could, where would you go tomorrow?
If you had $50, what would you spend it on?
Do you like dogs?
What is a typical day for your mother?

Describe this picture!

This picture indicates the probability of giants living in ancient times. Maybe they were very individualistic and could not live a long time.

Skeletons tell so many things to mankind. They bring back to life their historical evolution to our modern eyes. We can discover so many things; for example their lifestyle, culture and much more.

, i.e.


They say, that only one step separates love and hate. But it seems that there is an even smaller distance between life and death.

Rest (left over) of older cultures maybe
The remnants of an old culture.
An older culture…an old culture

Old—past…doesn’t exist anymore
Older…more traditional…your parent’s culture


If this is not the result from a recent disaster, this place and the skeleton are proof of an ancient civilization and this archeologist is researching those things.
Paleontologist (study dinosaurs)…
Archeologist (study human history)

BASE questions

If you could, where would you go tomorrow?
If you had $50, what would you spend it on?
Do you like dogs?
What is a typical day for your mother?

Yes! I like small dogs. Chihuahuas, Pomeranians. Jyoti, too! Why? I can carry them around. I can show them to my friends. Do you like dogs? I don’t like big dogs, but at a friend’s house, it’s okay! Dogs need a LOT of attention. Any particular breeds? It looks like they’re wearing a fur coat.

I don’t need anything…I would spend it at an orphanage or to a homeless person. You seem kind. Have you ever given money to those places? Yes. Are you a student or do you have a job? I’m a student. Where’s the MONEY?!! Allowance? Spending money/pocket money. $10 a week. 16 y/o. Why do you donate? What inspires you? I think it’s really important to take care of them. So, I try. Most 16 y/o spend money on movies or restaurants, but you donate? What made you this way? Inspiration? Your parents? What influenced you? My parents support me. How much do you give? Not always, but when I have time I do something. How else do you spend money? Clothes, books? Gifts! You are selfless? You always spend on others?
I really like it.

How is the weather in Brazil? It’s too hot! I want to go to Kashmir or someplace not in India. I want to stay hillstation? (Mountainous villages)
You want to visit our beaches? Yes, the swimming helps us cool off! In India, beaches? Yes, on the Western part and Southern part. Many beaches. There are no better beaches in the world than in Brazil—so you will find a paradise in Brazil on the beaches. Have you been abroad? Not yet. So, I will travel first in my country! What’s the temperature in Brazil? 32 degrees to 35. Is it summer? No, we are in fall. Have you see the Taj Mahal? No, I’ve never been to Agra. It was built for a woman, correct? Yes. To show his love for a woman. What else interests you about Brazil? Beaches and the Carnival!! Have you seen Carnival on TV? Just pictures~ Some songs! Carnival is the most well-known event in Brazil. It’s in February every year. The major event is in Rio de Janeiro. What can I tell you about India? I don’t know much…

Ola!! I would buy some books. What kind? I prefer history, but I like poetry and literature, too. I like scientific books—astronomy, psychology, psychoanalysis. Maybe you have a PhD in Science? Philosophy Doctorate. Doctorate. I do have a PhD in history. You are very intelligent?! Not exactly. But I studied history a lot. In Portuguese or Spanish? In Portuguese. Are the languages similar? Similar, but it’s not that easy to understand each other. You can understand it, but not everything. I follow some Brazilian MMA fighters, the written language seems similar to Spanish. Yes, from a foreigners point of view—especially German, English and Russian. But, from my point of view, it’s quite different. Yesterday, I watch a soccer game, Crusado…teams from my city! But, I don’t like soccer. I think watching it is a waste of time. It was a match between Argentina and Brazil, there was a fight! Is it normal? If it happens in my country, the players go to jail. The people of Brazil love football, so the vibration is enormous. So they do fight! They shout! They even kill for their teams. Like the hooligans in the UK. They become violent. That’s how much they love it. Tea! Mate. “Mate—mache” Where did you hear about it? On the internet. It’s good for your health.
Like every other tea!! It has caffeine. Like coffee.
It’s a herb/an herb.

I would send it to SHANE! Send it to send flowers to Steve Jobs cemetery. The Apple creator? What did you know about Jobs? Today I even read about him. He was a “crazy” business manager! He was VERY sensitive in business. I read that he was very superstitious. He even tried to get cured by a shaman. He didn’t believe in modern medicine. He was the owner of Pixar. Wally! Monster Inc.? Yes! It was funny~ What was the name of the other company… He had a deal with Disney. Steve found Apple with Steve Wosniac. He was forced out of Apple. During that time he created Pixar. Have you ever seen Star Wars? By George Lucas? Lucas sold his studio to Jobs, then Jobs created Pixar. Then he sold Pixar to Disney! He had a great deal? Did you know this story? Yes, I read about it. It’s very interesting—he was genius. Nobody knew about Pixar but Jobs he grew it to the best.

Two places…Macchu Piccu becuz I want to know more about my culture. Egypt, I want to know about the Giza Pyramids, the culture…all about the ancient history. You are from Peru? Yes. In your opinion, which is more powerful and more famous? Macchu Piccu! Mayan culture? No, it’s Incan. People say MP is the belly button of the world. It’s not only fantastic, it’s magical. You can feel the energy when you go there. It’s more than culture, it’s the way you feel.
What about the BIG architecture/buildings? It’s an old city built in the mountains, the houses/buildings are built into the mountains. If you visit there, you will ask MANY questions…how? How? How?!! How did they get the water? How did they move the stones?
Why did they build in the mountains? To escape from the Conquistadors (conqueror). So they hid in these high cities. How did they die? Mayans…

She’s a nurse. She’s very busy. My mother watches Korean dramas and likes watching love stories. Does she cook? Not always, because my father or younger sister cooks. She’s a working mother? She works hard. A nurse. She helps women deliver babies. In the Maternity Ward/Section. Does she spend quality time with you? When I was young! If I get sick, she does^^ Okinawa—2 years. What do you do together? She always watches dramas!!! I try to change the channel, but she like Korean dramas!! We fight!!! Do you help her with chores? Cleaning, washing dishes, washing clothes! Of course, I have to clean by myself. Do you massage her legs or hands? NO!! I never touch her! You should do that when she grows older.
 My younger sister will do it!

Drama (daily): TV
Movie: Theater

I don’t like them, but I like puppies. Do you want one? No!! It takes lots of care, time!! A great responsibility. No pets? Fish in my aquarium. Squirrels, rabbits! Chickens (chicks [baby chickens]) No dogs! Puppies are cute! Alcian…they were barking at you!! I was scared!

I like dog. I like dog meat!
I like dogs. Any kind of dog.

I like human. (Hannible Lector) (Silence of the Lambs)
I like humans!!!

I like chicken. (meat)
I like chickens. (birds)

Lessons…English lessons!! What else? Boring answer. Books. What type? Feature…? Novels, modern prose, What’s your favorite novel? One of your favorites: Three Friends… What’s it about? WWII. The cities during the war…how people lived. The repaired cars in their garage… the difficulties of their lives. Where’s the author from? A German author. In Germany. “Remark”…Fascism…Nazism…Most Germans were pro-Nazi, but not Remark.

Fascism: when Business & Government join… State controls the economy…socialism…”spreading the wealth”…keeping the wealth/control. THE USA
Monsanto (company) Bechtel…Pharmaceutical … strong relationships with the US Govt. They can operate in America without following the Constitution.

Nazism: Nationalistic, Superiority Complex

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

English Challenge 10

Look at the picture below, and choose the best answer.

1.     It takes time to wash these dishes.
2.     It takes a little time to wash these dishes.
3.     It takes little time to wash these dishes.

**They are all a little different!!

English Challenge 9: Example Sentences

From the movie, A Beautiful Mind, the mathematician is looking at a formula on the chalkboard. Look at the formula...the equations...

These equations are ...

1. anything but simple.  (not at all)

It was anything but easy.
My son is anything but an angel!
My holiday was nothing but relaxing!
I’m anything but rich!
CNN is anything but non-biased.

2. nothing but simple. (completely)

It was nothing but terrible.
It was nothing but a regular day.
She told me nothing but lies.
My new home is in nothing but nature!
It was nothing but a pleasure teaching you English^^

3. all but simple.    (almost/basically/essentially)

This math problem is all but impossible.
My project is all but finished
Our team is all but eliminated.
The building was all but deserted.
The milk carton is all but empty.

4. everything but simple. (not at all)

The movie was everything but funny.
The shopping mall was everything but empty.
Love is everything but eternal!
I’m everything but handsome!
This hamburger is everything but healthy!