Sunday, September 25, 2011

Korea Biodiversity Information System - Home|Plant|Plant Information|Edible Plant

If there is going to be a "catastrophe" and I am going to be stuck in Korea. I will do my best to survive! So, I figured out lots of things like water purification and salting and drying techniques for food...but what about greens? What about veggies? What kinds of plants can I eat in Korea without getting a major bellyache? I found this site which helps a bit. I would love to find more info.

Next time I get to the bookstore, I'll check there.

Korea Biodiversity Information System - Home|Plant|Plant Information|Edible Plant:

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Electricity - anytime, anyplace

Now this is great! A way to get electricity off movement and the sun. Literally "free energy". Does anyone know any of the developers in the article? Where can I steal, I mean, "get" one?!! Devices like this need to put on the market in a major way.

Electricity - anytime, anyplace:

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

yesterday2221's Channel - YouTube

Our big, blue marble! Pretty cool video from the ISS (International Space Station) of the earth!

yesterday2221's Channel - YouTube:

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Politically correct...도대체 무슨 뜻?  저의 비디오 한번 보세요! What is "politically correct"? I try to explain in this video...(I do use both English and Korean in the video).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I will be uploading several videos today on YouTube!

One will explain the pronunciation and usage of "it's a cakewalk" and "it's a piece of a cake".

Another will explain the pronunciation difference of "diseased" and "deceased".

And a third one will talk about English cancellation of the D, T and Th sounds.

Thanks for FunFurFreak from Russia for two of the questions and from 0938332462 from Vietnam
for the last question.

Please check HERE for the videos!

I also have the new Daily Dictation up--go HERE for that free ESL dictation lesson.

And, if you speak Korean or don't mind me mixing Korean and English, I will also be uploading
a new video on the meaning and usage of "Politically Correct".  Go HERE for that video!

Have a great day~~

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Glass Igloos with Magnificent Northern Lights Views | Before It's News

This looks like a FANTASTIC place to visit!  I live in Seoul, South is very
difficult to see the stars because of the city lights AND Seoul is very hot. I would love
to visit this place! How about you?

Glass Igloos with Magnificent Northern Lights Views | Before It's News:

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