Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pilot Speaks Out About Chemtrails And HAARP | Before It's News

I have never noticed chem trails in South Korea...we got'm now. For the past several days I've noticed several chem trails over Seoul. One actually had a "shadow" underneath it. Is that typical. Just a shadow, right?

I'm quite certain many Korean people have NO idea what chem trails are, so I'll do my best to start making people aware.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Be Prepared: 6 Foods To Store Forever | Before It's News

This article mentions 6 foods to store in case excrement gets flung into three oscillating blades^^ Rice (check), distilled white vinegar (gotta get that!), sea salt (gotta get that, too), honey (it's SO expensive here in Korea...), cornstarch (really?) and pure vanilla extract...(for flavoring? I think I'd be happy just to have something in my gut...but, a vial or two wouldn't hurt, I guess)!

I don't have a "disaster kit" ready...but it's been on my mind. Do you? Probably not...but as they say, it's better to be safe than sorry. What about ramen noodles? Water? I've got that figured out. Butane gas. That'd be useful as long as you have a burner. A compass. What if there's a polar shift~it'd be nice to know where the "south" was. They say NORTH is moving towards Russia which would put Korea in a more northern climate...I don't mind the cold weather, but trying to survive in more than three months of pure winter would be tough.

Many of my posts are catastrophe-leaning. I just want to be AT LEAST mentally prepared for hardship if something were to happen. Meanwhile, I am busting my but to build my YouTube channels, to increase my revenue at my classes and to make plans to buy a home for me and my loved ones so that we can live in a peaceful, clean and quiet environment^^


Be Prepared: 6 Foods To Store Forever | Before It's News:

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

I used my first Mac in 1984 in school--I went to a small Northwoods high school in Park Falls, Wisconsin. The Mac was cool because it was easy. The screen was TINY, but it didn't matter. When I went to college, the IIgs came out and it was all the rage! My last Mac was an iMac and it was my baby. I no longer own a Mac, but I will always consider the Mac as an old friend.

That's kind of how I regarded Steve Jobs. An old friend. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, perhaps that was for best (^^), but I did read some of the books about him and respected many aspects of him.

Well, the final chapter has been written for Steve Jobs' life here on Earth. Whether you thought he was a charlatan or a demigod, his indelible marks on the computing and business world will be long recognized. Claims that he "bought his liver" to extend his life at the expense of another's, his holistic, vegetarian lifestyle, his lack of camaraderie, his short temper are often the first thoughts of his detractors. His constant striving for better, his scrappiness, his vision, his yearning for perfection and innovation are typical thoughts of his fans.

Me? I'm in the middle, but one thing's for sure; life is short. To leave a legacy would be great, but I must remember that for all those who would "love me", I might have just as many who would "hate me." So, I guess I should concentrate on just being the best I can be for me and my loved ones. How nice it would be to spend my last days knowing I was loved and appreciated by all that knew me.

RIP Steve~

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Staying healthy if the shit hits the fan!

No antiseptic, no penicillin...what can we do to prevent disease and to help us recover from bacterial infections? The magical onion. This is a great piece on the onion. Some info I didn't know--like DON'T eat "leftover" onions. I guess I have a strong stomach because I have never had a problem, but I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I should buy the smaller onions versus the bigger ones! I used to have a nanny for my son. She was Chinese and her husband was an "Oriental Medicine Doctor". One of the things she used to fight infections from scrapes and cuts was POTATO! She'd mash up a bit of raw potato and pack it onto the cut, the infection, the "wart" or other visible anomaly and PRESTO! The burning sensation went away. The swelling went down. It healed remarkably fast. That is VERY handy when you have a 10 year old boy! So, potatoes and onions. Although they might be hard to keep "fresh" year round, I guess we could try to store them in some sort of cool dry place. That's tough in Korea--especially if you don't have your own piece of land to build a cellar. But, I'm gonna try IF THE SHIT HITS the fan!

For my English students out there, there are many "good English expressions" in this blog--please ask if you have any questions.

Read the article below and have a great day~~