Sunday, October 2, 2011

Staying healthy if the shit hits the fan!

No antiseptic, no penicillin...what can we do to prevent disease and to help us recover from bacterial infections? The magical onion. This is a great piece on the onion. Some info I didn't know--like DON'T eat "leftover" onions. I guess I have a strong stomach because I have never had a problem, but I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I should buy the smaller onions versus the bigger ones! I used to have a nanny for my son. She was Chinese and her husband was an "Oriental Medicine Doctor". One of the things she used to fight infections from scrapes and cuts was POTATO! She'd mash up a bit of raw potato and pack it onto the cut, the infection, the "wart" or other visible anomaly and PRESTO! The burning sensation went away. The swelling went down. It healed remarkably fast. That is VERY handy when you have a 10 year old boy! So, potatoes and onions. Although they might be hard to keep "fresh" year round, I guess we could try to store them in some sort of cool dry place. That's tough in Korea--especially if you don't have your own piece of land to build a cellar. But, I'm gonna try IF THE SHIT HITS the fan!

For my English students out there, there are many "good English expressions" in this blog--please ask if you have any questions.

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