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FNL August 30, 2013

Here is the TRANSCRIPT and VIDEO^^

BEFORE READING THE TRANSCRIPT, Watch the video and try the dictation with the students, okay?!!

Biking hurts my behind.
I’m three cars behind you.
Shane doesn’t have a drop of humor.
DDM’s a drop in the bucket.
I dropped out ‘cuz I fell behind.

Biking hurts my behind.

Butt/ass/arse/tush/rear end/bum/bottom

I’m three cars behind you.
30.                 jew
A     B     C     D     E     F     G     H
A         ME          à
Cf. (AHEAD OF)  

Chapters, pages, problems

Shane doesn’t have a drop of humor.
Shane has ZERO humor.
A droplet…a drop of rain, drops of rain
A drop of water…a drop of oil…tear drops…eye drops
Droppings…bird POOP

DDM’s a drop in the bucket /ocean.
A bucket: a container for water, paint, sand, sawdust, ice cream,

DDM IS ($37.99/8 lessons)
Cheap (low quality) OR (REALLY inexpensive!!!!)
Inexpensive (price—low price. It implies a range from EXPENSIVE to INEXPENSIVE)
Affordable (reasonable): is relative, it’s a marketing word—it implies inexpensive, but it could be expensive!!
British Airways is making First Class flights affordable during Christmas break. Instead of $5000, they’re only $4500.
Cost effective (reasonable): it has a lot of value for the price you pay

I dropped out ‘cuz I fell behind.
.                   cos
.                  because
To STOP attending something

He’s a drop-out. (pejorative—negative)

Friday, August 23, 2013

FNL: August 23, 2013

It's all DICTATION!! 5 sentences~~ Good luck!

Friday, August 16, 2013

August 16, 2013 FNL!!!

Write a description for this picture and meet me at 10pm!!

Here is how our FNL family described this picture^^

Coach Shane’s description: A kid is holding a kid!

Definitely it's a Mongolian girl. I learned about Mongolia in history class at EDUCTATION FACILITY. And there's one interesting thing about Mongolian children; they never cry. Some so-called "educated" people WHO live in big cities might think that they live better than this girl and that we need to help her. But actually she doesn't need any help, she is a happy child. She’s even happier than us all. (all of us)

I learned French in school.
I learned about French history in school.

Are you in school?  (are you a student)
Are you at school? location

SO-CALLED means “as known but not proven”
As they say…reputedly

Many Mongolians are “seasonal” nomads.

“Don't sell her, please. This is my precious friend.
Even kids know that life is priceless.

"This picture is the perfect picture of the 21st century's image of childhood which is full of Romeos and Juliets wearing brand new diapers for nothing but impressing each other. Speaking of the present picture, to me it seems to be a little Romeo as well, who must be trying to impress his Juliet by lifting a sheep. His flushed face clearly says that his Juliet must have laughed at him, having got to know how strong he is." 

"Yeah, I trim my goat and my hair myself. Why do you ask?"

In this picture, both kids are sharing warmth during the winter season in a hilly region. It seems the baby goat is feeling comfortable (comf-ter-ble) in the hands of the little girl.

The kids who are staying in the jungles or the mountains are normally very, very bold and brave. They can also hold tiger babies, too. They don't care about anything.

''In the middle of somewhere in Mongolia there's a toddler standing up while holding a baby lamb that covers all of her trunk'' torso

This cute rugrat seems to enjoy being the center of attention.There's no escape from snapshot takers, even in the desert.

It looks like not only does “our” Creator endow us with certain unalienable rights among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but also with the right to lie, the right to steal and the right to take this life. Looking at this picture, I think maybe the true way of life lies somewhere in the virginal steppes of Mongolia where the wordsI’m as innocent as a lamb” are not something yet another drug dealer shouts out in a court of law while being taken away by the guards but become quite real. Maybe innocence is something we truly are endowed with by Mother Nature when we come into this world but just fail to recognize it as the only right we need?

Hey, dude! (dood) You got yourself one big problem. Don't ever try to trick me or you’ll regret the day you were born. My martial eagle is waiting for my command. Ha-ha-ha!
(Mongolian children tame eagles!!)

Friday, August 9, 2013

FNL Tonight!

What can you say about these two pictures? Write a sentence or two!

Can you think of something clever? Do you see any similarities?