Thursday, January 26, 2012

Words related to COURT, ARRESTS, CRIME, JAIL

Words related to COURT, ARRESTS, CRIME, JAIL

1. suspect --He is suspected of a crime. He is a suspect.
2. arrest -- Based on suspicion, he might be arrested.
3. charge -- As he is arrested, he is charged. "You are under arrest for murder." Other words for "charge" are "claim" and "count". He was arrested on three different counts--murder, theft and fraud.
4. prosecute -- He goes to court and his case (charges) is argued or tried in front of a jury and judge (at a trial). The prosecutor prosecutes the defendant. The defense lawyer defends his client.
5. decision -- The jury/judge makes a decision--He is guilty. or He is innocent. We often say "He was convicted" or "He was found guilty." OR, "He was acquitted" or "He was found innocent."
6. sentence -- If he is guilty, he is sentenced to jail for a period of time. Of course, he could be sentenced to die--the death penalty. He could also get a "light sentence" of community service, house arrest, a fine, or a warning.
7. serve -- He serves his time in jail/pays his fine/performs his community service.

Many ESL students have a hard time with LEGAL words and news stories. If you study the terms and process above--you should have an easier time understanding stories you read in the news^^ I am NOT a lawyer, so if there is someone with advice on how to make this easier or more clear, please let me know^^

Have a great day and I hope you keep enjoying English as your new language!

Coach Shane

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Leave me an example of 
"Whenever I ... I ..."

Whenever I eat 보리밥, I ...
Whenever I get stressed, I ...
Whenever I watch Shane's videos, I ...

Be nice!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

왕초보 영어 강의 할까?

Should I teach 왕초보 영어? What do you think?^^

It would be similar in format to 오늘의 한마디...but easier and shorter!


신경 꺼...영어로? 잼게 영어공부^^

Mind your own business.
신경 꺼, 네 걱정이나 해, 네 일이나 신경 써.

A: Hi! My name's Shane.
B: Hi.
A: What're you reading?
B: Mind your own business.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daily Dictation and Listening Comprehension: 50

Here is the latest video in my dictation series.
Please enjoy and leave your answers below or on my YouTube channel:

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What is a fallacy? "fallacy"는...lie인가? 뭐야?!

A fallacy is something that everyone THINKS is TRUE, but ACTUALLY it is NOT true.

Hmm...what are some examples...

Be careful of bats...they can get stuck in your hair!!

A total fallacy. Bats use "sonar" or "echoes" to navigate--they can pick a tiny bug out of a tree...they will NEVER get caught in your greasy hair!!!

Bananas cause weight gain!
Nope. That is also a total fallacy. They are rich in potassium (K), Vitamin C AND bananas have NO fat! They even help you NOT crave other sweet foods^^

Fallacies are fun to find...but they're not easy to find.
Can you think of any other fallacies?