Monday, October 10, 2011

Be Prepared: 6 Foods To Store Forever | Before It's News

This article mentions 6 foods to store in case excrement gets flung into three oscillating blades^^ Rice (check), distilled white vinegar (gotta get that!), sea salt (gotta get that, too), honey (it's SO expensive here in Korea...), cornstarch (really?) and pure vanilla extract...(for flavoring? I think I'd be happy just to have something in my gut...but, a vial or two wouldn't hurt, I guess)!

I don't have a "disaster kit" ready...but it's been on my mind. Do you? Probably not...but as they say, it's better to be safe than sorry. What about ramen noodles? Water? I've got that figured out. Butane gas. That'd be useful as long as you have a burner. A compass. What if there's a polar shift~it'd be nice to know where the "south" was. They say NORTH is moving towards Russia which would put Korea in a more northern climate...I don't mind the cold weather, but trying to survive in more than three months of pure winter would be tough.

Many of my posts are catastrophe-leaning. I just want to be AT LEAST mentally prepared for hardship if something were to happen. Meanwhile, I am busting my but to build my YouTube channels, to increase my revenue at my classes and to make plans to buy a home for me and my loved ones so that we can live in a peaceful, clean and quiet environment^^


Be Prepared: 6 Foods To Store Forever | Before It's News:

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