Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

I used my first Mac in 1984 in school--I went to a small Northwoods high school in Park Falls, Wisconsin. The Mac was cool because it was easy. The screen was TINY, but it didn't matter. When I went to college, the IIgs came out and it was all the rage! My last Mac was an iMac and it was my baby. I no longer own a Mac, but I will always consider the Mac as an old friend.

That's kind of how I regarded Steve Jobs. An old friend. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, perhaps that was for best (^^), but I did read some of the books about him and respected many aspects of him.

Well, the final chapter has been written for Steve Jobs' life here on Earth. Whether you thought he was a charlatan or a demigod, his indelible marks on the computing and business world will be long recognized. Claims that he "bought his liver" to extend his life at the expense of another's, his holistic, vegetarian lifestyle, his lack of camaraderie, his short temper are often the first thoughts of his detractors. His constant striving for better, his scrappiness, his vision, his yearning for perfection and innovation are typical thoughts of his fans.

Me? I'm in the middle, but one thing's for sure; life is short. To leave a legacy would be great, but I must remember that for all those who would "love me", I might have just as many who would "hate me." So, I guess I should concentrate on just being the best I can be for me and my loved ones. How nice it would be to spend my last days knowing I was loved and appreciated by all that knew me.

RIP Steve~

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