Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I will be uploading several videos today on YouTube!

One will explain the pronunciation and usage of "it's a cakewalk" and "it's a piece of a cake".

Another will explain the pronunciation difference of "diseased" and "deceased".

And a third one will talk about English cancellation of the D, T and Th sounds.

Thanks for FunFurFreak from Russia for two of the questions and from 0938332462 from Vietnam
for the last question.

Please check HERE for the videos!

I also have the new Daily Dictation up--go HERE for that free ESL dictation lesson.

And, if you speak Korean or don't mind me mixing Korean and English, I will also be uploading
a new video on the meaning and usage of "Politically Correct".  Go HERE for that video!

Have a great day~~

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