Friday, April 19, 2013

FNL April 19th!! With our students example sentences!!!

We have another Hangout tonight! It's free--it's open to ANYONE! I hope you can join me.

Tonight's mission:

Describe this picture~

Here's our Hangout and BELOW is our sentences^^

The way she's pumping gas looks like a bartender's trick. Maybe it's a new job at gas stations, which allows some beauty to be added to this job. I'd call them gas bartenders.

This picture shows a woman who actually wants to refuel her car. But, since her relationship with her husband is on the rocks, she might be thinking of the car as her husband and the fuel pump as a pistol. So, she’s trying to shoot him.

A fuel pump

It was the last moment of humanity caught by Terminator’s camera before the nuclear explosion.

Ca me ra
Cam ra

She is carelessly pumping gas into her car. Since gas is spilling out, this could cause an explosion that might blow her and her car up.

I think she is wasting petrol, and I can't help but feel sorry because in my country India, petrol is very costly.

Natural Gas (America)
LPG: Propane!!
US: gas/gasoline   UK: petrol
Petroleum: oil…oil products
Benzene/Diesel/kerosene (airplanes/heaters)
Siphon! (to siphon—to steal gas! To move gas from one container to another container)

This is a woman refueling her car in a wrong way. It's very dangerous but funny to me.

Dan ger ous
Dayn jrous

Yeah, they were right! It’s really easy to wash a car even if it's your first time! I hope it will be easy to fill it up, too!

Damn it! Another mistake! What the heck is wrong with me today?

What can go wrong will go wrong! (Murphy’s Law)

Zoolander Ben Stiller…Owen Wilson

It’s a piece of cake to refuel a car. (Sarcasm!)

It looks like the woman is trying to wash her car with what appears to be that thing that looks kind of like a pistol which car drivers usually hold in their hands when filling up their gas tanks with gas.

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