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FNL, April 12, 2013 ~ With our students' Descriptions and Answers^^

Hi!! It's Friday again, time for another Google+ Hangout!!!

You have TWO things to do tonight:

1. Describe this picture:

2. Tell us THREE things that we should know about your city/country!

This picture shows a girl who might be afraid of touching worms. Noticing that her hand is being held by someone, I can say that it must be her father's hand who wants his daughter to overcome this fear. And, by looking at her cute smile, it seems that she is actually afraid, but she is not letting her father know it.

Mom forbade me to have a dog or a cat because of their fur! I think I've found the perfect pet!

Feathers (birds)

The little girl is attaching bait to the hook. She is excited to have her first fishing experience.

Bait (noun/verb) worms, leeches, corn, artificial bait

This amazing girl is very lucky and happy to have a worm. I hope for her sake that she will not become a dull, nagging woman to her husband—always wanting more and more money, thinking only about shopping, expensive makeup… May she stay as humble and nice as in this photo in the future. 

This little girl should hang her hat on the fact that she caught this worm. I used to do all this busy work when I felt boxed in during my childhood days. Some of my friends told me these things are like another nail in the coffin, but I used to tell them, “Come on, man it up.”

Dailyeasyenglish (youtube)

This girl went fishing along with her dad. When she took the bait into her hand to attach it to a fishing hook, she was excited to touch it!

It’s a fun day for this girl and the last day for that worm!! Maybe he’ll survive ))

Worms are asexual. (male/female)

A fun day…an interesting/exciting day
A funny day/a fun day

An angler/fisherman is teaching his daughter how to bait a hook with a leech.

Tell me three things we should know about your city.

Alex: Nothing to see!!!! No pyramids, no waterfalls!
Lida. Lida is located in the Western part of Belarus.
Belarus is NW of Poland. It’s 1000 km from Moscow.
Are you student?
No, I’m a teacher. I teach them about the automobile engineering.
A vocational college.
Construction vehicles, Bilaz is the name.

Bhaskar: My city, Vijayawada, it means “the land of victory”. It’s the third biggest city in our state.
We have a bus station called PNBS. It’s the 2nd biggest and busiest in Asia. Our railway station is the 2nd biggest junction in India.
Our city is famous for the automobile industry. Also garments, pickles, and small scale industries.
We have a temple named Kanakadurga Goddess. People all over the country come to visit. On the bank of the River Kushna; the temple is on a hill, when the water from the river touches the golden nose pin of the goddess, the world will end. (According to a famous fortune teller in our state).
We also have famous wooden toys called Kondapalli. They export those toys, too.
We also have a dance—Kuchipudi.
What is a brand name of cars made there?
No manufacturing—only spare parts. And repairs. Especially for trucks (lorries).
What about chemicals in the toys?
Not with Kondapalli. They are wooden toys and are slightly painted. They are environmentally friendly^^.

Jaskaran: My city, Sirsa, it’s one of the oldest cities in northern India. Its history goes back to one of the biggest wars on earth—Mahabharata.
My city has the world’s largest blood donation campaign. Last year we were in the Guinness Book!
It is also famous for having one of the largest air force bases in India.
Are you a Sikh?
Sikh is a religion. This religion is related to Hindu. Sikh means “a learner”. It’s a mixture of all religions. It was originally the name of a human—but nowadays it has become a religion. But I don’t follow that.

Jyoti: I will tell about Orissa—a state in India.
It’s famous for the Jagannath Temple. It’s famous for its annual cart festival. It is known as Rath Yatra.
Konark Temple is a sun temple. It is known as the Black Pagoda. Because when the sun rises, it first falls on this temple. The angle in which it was constructed makes it so that the sun rises over it.
The Odissi dance is also famous. It’s a classical form of dance. It’s famous all over India.
Can you do the Odissi dance?
Not really, I only dance for my happiness!
Is it difficult?
There are many difficult steps! You need lessons! Without a teacher, it’s really tough.

Kate: Kazakhstan. It’s a very large country-9th largest in the world. It’s the largest without a coast.
It’s the motherland of tulips and apples! We have a city which can be translated as Father Apple—Almaty.
The capital is Astana. It means “capital”! The city is very modern looking.
What’s the main religion?
Muslim and Christian.
No formal religion. People are not very religious here. It’s not very openly discussed.
I saw the Borat movie, what do people think of Borat? Does he have fans? Sasha Baron Cohen.
A lot of people here are offended. The movie is forbidden here. You can’t see it in the theaters.
It wasn’t shown in theaters/cinemas.
You can watch it, but businesses didn’t support it. I watched it, but I thought it was trash. I wasn’t offended. I thought he was teasing both Americans and Kazakhs.
Have you seen his other characters? He makes fun of people who have strong views.
I think he makes fun of ignorant people who believe the media and governments.

Mikhail: Russia. I’m from Moscow.
Russia’s famous for launching the first man into space. Yuri Gagarin. It was in 1961. Soon after, a woman went—Valentina Tereshkova. Cosmonaut!
The Kremlin is very famous in Moscow. Every tourist to Moscow visits the Kremlin! It’s actually a citadel. The Czars/Tsars used to live there.
The Matrioska Dolls—the stacking dolls are also very famous. Near the Kremlin you can buy those dolls^^
Are there differences from the USSR and Russia?
Yes. Many. Russia is now democratic.
Do the Communists control the gov’t?
No, they have no political influence. There is a party, but they have a minor role in Russian politics.
During Communist rule, many people in India were influenced by Lenin.
Yes, he was very famous at that time. Nowadays, people don’t really care.

Raito: Malaysia: We have the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest buildings in the world from ’98 to ’04.
We have a rice dish called Nasilemek. It is cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaves. It’s a main dish. We eat it with chili, peanuts, eggs, chicken…anything!!
Similar to fried rice!
Pandan leaves are an aromatic leaf.
Basal leaves are similar to pandan leaves.
We have a multicultural society. There are many Chinese, Malay and Indians in our country. We practice our own unique cultures together in harmony.
How is democracy in your country?
Our country is democratic, but fully?!! We will have general elections next month.
Why do you doubt it?
The government restricts freedom of speech.

Sergej: The Berlin Wall was torn down in 1989. It separated East and West Berlin.
The Berlin Zoo is very famous. Especially for its polar bear, but it died 3 years ago.
The Berlin Orchestra is very famous, too—the Berlin Philharmonic. It’s famous worldwide with the greatest musicians.
Germany is a country of culture.
Do you like the Reichstag?
Yes, it’s Germany’s parliament building. It’s famous for its circular roof made of glass and column made of mirrors.
Reich = empire
Tag = a place of business

Miguel: Cadiz’s the oldest city in Europe—over 3,000 years old. (The Greeks might argue with you!)
It’s the cradle of flamenco music.
We have really good, deep-fried foods—fish, peppers, etc.
Jyoti: What is the historical significance of your country?
Spain, back in the 16thC, was the most powerful empire in the world. Spain was what the US is.


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