Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Five useful English expressions

Five great expressions we learned in class^^ 
Try and memorize them!

1. What's with the eyebrows?
That means "what's wrong with her eyebrows". Maybe they are too thick, or too thin, or too high or too curly! Anyway, something is wrong!! What other examples can you think of?

2. George was in rare form.
In the situation we watched on the situation comedy Seinfeld, this means that George was especially funny last night.George is usually not that funny, but last night he was SUPER funny! What about in this situation: Shane cooked some soup and Christy ate it. Then Christy said, "Shane is in rare form!" In that case, it means that Shane's cooking is especially good--usually his cooking is just OKAY, but today his cooking was really good! Can you think of some other examples?

3. We brushed on that.
We talked about that lightly. We lightly talked about that. We briefly talked about that. We talked about that for a little bit. To "brush on" something means to talk about it for just a little bit--very briefly. To "brush up on" something means to review something. To "brush up against" something means to bump into something! Be careful when you see the word brush--remember that it can be a verb and that it can have several meanings depending on how it is used^^

4. Let's go to one of those rib joints.
A rib joint is a restaurant that sells ribs. American-styled ribs are usually pork ribs with LOTS of delicious barbecue sauce. The ribs are eaten with your fingers so they make your hands AND face really messy! Sticky and red^^ If you do NOT like eating with your fingers, you should not try ribs!

A "joint" refers to a casual restaurant. It's a place where families can come for a relaxing meal. It is also a place were single people come to "hang out" and eat. Most joints have music playing in the background and you don't have to worry about what type of clothing to wear. Rib joints, steak joints and hamburger joints are common expressions^^

5. Hope is killing me.
Hope is driving me nuts. Hope is making my life miserable.
Is this really possible?!! It could be! If you hope too much, you might be disappointed later. If you are disappointed too often, you will become depressed. No one wants to be depressed! Other "~ killing me" expressions are, "Stress is killing me!" "The anticipation is killing me!" "The waiting is killing me!" "English is killing me!!" What is killing you lately?

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