Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 Great English sentences to know^^

1. What does he do? 
How does he make a living? What does he do for a living? What's his job?

Remember, when we say this REALLY fast, it almost sounds like "what is he do"^^ How does "What does she do" sound?

Practice with your friends--You need three people:
A: What do you do?
B: I'm an accountant.
C: (to A) What does he do?
A: He's an accountant.

Remember to say it "fast" like native English speakers would.

2. He was in real estate.
He's in engineering. He's in accounting. He's in education.

Remember, we do NOT talk about our specific jobs, we talk about the field.

I am a teacher in the field of education. I am in "education".
My friend is a stock broker. He is in "finance".
I have another friend who works at a bank. He is in "banking".

What are you in? What about your dad? What field would you like to be in?

3. What does he look like?
Are you good at describing people? You have to know some adjectives!

Can you describe me?
What about Shrek?
Michelle Obama?

4. I am unbelievable on the phone!
I am a REALLY good talker...on the phone.

I am unbelievable in the kitchen! I am a REALLY good cook!

What are you unbelievable at? What are you REALLY good at?

My sister is unbelievable at remembering dates.
My dad is unbelievable at hunting.
My mom is unbelievable at making apple pies.
I am unbelievable at sleeping^^

5. Where are they already?
Where the hell are they? They should be here by now. They are very late! What the hell are they doing? Why aren't they here yet?

This sentence is confusing because of the word "already".

The nuance of "already" is "they should be here ALREADY".

What about this: Are you done already? That means "You should be done, are you?" And when we add "already", it sounds "angry", so be careful with this expression. You might not want to use it with your boss or your dad!!

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