Tuesday, February 28, 2012

7 Great English Words/Expressions you need to know^^

This literally means that ONE size will fit EVERYONE. We mostly use this expression for clothes or hats or gloves
But, it can be used in other situations like:

I’ve never seen a one-size-fits-all diet. What’s good for some people ISN’T good for others.

The government tried a one-size-fits-all method/approach to taxes. They tried to tax EVERYBODY the same 25%, but the poor people suffered.

Music isn’t one-size-fits-all. My sister likes 90s music, but I love 80s music.

There is no one-size-fits-all university. I thought the University of Minnesota was great, but many people would never go there simply because it’s TOO cold!!

So, is there ANYTHING that is one-size-fits-all? I think it is just a clever marketing technique!! Are humans that ordinary? Did we lose our uniqueness?!!

If someone is quirky, they’re weird or strange. They do things or say things that are NOT commonplace. Quirky people are often non-threatening, but we usually try to stay away from them.

I have some quirky features—I love coffee, but not hot. I pour cold water in my Kalbi-tang (a beef soup). I love ketchup but hate tomatoes. I don’t like to mix my sweets—no caramel coffee with chocolate cake.

Did you see the movie As Good As It Gets? The main character played by Jack Nicholson was VERY quirky!! Not stepping on cracks in the sidewalk…bringing his own spoon, fork and knife to the diner!  What about you?

Committing a to memory
This simply means memorizing something.
Are you good at committing things to memory? Do you have any secrets? Are you good with dates? Names? Directions? Phone numbers? Passwords? How do you commit these things to memory? Does anyone memorize phone numbers anymore?
What about English words? Do you like to memorize words? Sentences? Situations? All of those? Do you make flip-cards? Carry note cards? Make lists?

To be “overwhelmed” means to have TOO much… You might have too many tasks, too many worries, too many bills, too much food, too much stress…

Being “overwhelmed” is NOT a good thing. People who are overwhelmed need help. Or, they might just need a vacation.

Are you overwhelmed with anything? Yesterday I went to a restaurant and they gave me TOO much food! At first I was overwhelmed, but then I made a simple decision—I decided that I would only eat half, and ask them to put the remaining food in a bag so I could take it home^^ I was very happy because the food was delicious—I was happy twice^^

Have you been neglecting anything these days? Have you been ignoring anything? Not paying enough attention to anything? Your loved one? Your job? Your hobbies? Your health? Your parents? Your finances? Your dreams? Your principles?

We live in SUCH a busy world that it is easy to neglect things. For me, I often neglect my health. I rarely neglect my sleep, though! We need to prioritize. So…what are your priorities?^^

Jot down
To write down…to put down, make a note, scribble down, pencil in, record…SO many different expressions!! But, if you want to be particular, then I should tell you; to jot down usually means to write something down quickly! Most people “jot things down” on a napkin or the palm of their hand! And many times, after jotting something down, you cannot read it!!!

A breakdown. It could happen to your car. It could happen to you. A breakdown is when your car or your body or your emotions BREAK DOWN. “To break down” means “to become broken”. Broken…dysfunctional…out of order…impaired…ruined…disabled…screwed up… NOT good^^

A: Where are you?
B: My car broke down!
A: You had a breakdown?
B: Yes, the wrecker is on its way.
A: Okay, I’ll start the presentation without you.

A: What’s wrong with your sister? She’s been crying and shaking all morning.
B: She’s having a nervous breakdown.
A: What can we do for her?
B: Leave her alone BUT be near her if she wants us.

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