Thursday, February 9, 2012

Five more great sentences to know^^

1. I think they'll really get along.
We use "to get along" to describe how people interact with each other. If they have a friendly relationship, we can say "they get along".
If they seem to argue, we would say "they don't get along".
Many times we add "with" to the end of the phrase: I get along with my parents, but I never get along with my little sister.

2. That's out of the question.
This expression means "NO WAY!" Absolutely not. Don't even ask me that. Don't even thing about it. Impossible!
It's a very "strong" expression. If someone were to ask me to write their resume for them, I could say "That's out of the question!" If someone were to ask me to HELP them with their resume, I might say, "Sure!" But I will not WRITE the entire resume for them. If someone were to ask me if I wanted to eat calamari, I would say "That's out of the question!" I really do NOT like anything with squid!! Octopus would be okay, maybe, but not squid. Squid is out of the question. A lot of children HATE eating vegetables--Eating veggies is OUT OF THE QUESTION!!

3. Jjajangmyun is one step away from spaghetti.
While the flavors of jjajangmyun and spaghetti are quite different, they look very similar. So we could say, "Jjajangmyun is one step away from spaghetti."  That means that jjajangmyun and spaghetti are VERY similar. There is hardly a difference between them. They are almost identical. They're nearly the same. There is only a fine line between the two. They are very close.

This expression, "one step away from", can also mean that something is very near--time-wise. Shane is one step away from retirement. That means that Shane will soon retire. Shane is one step away from bankruptcy. That means that Shane will almost certainly become bankrupt...unless he is VERY lucky^^

4. He hesitated before he answered.
To "hesitate" means to pause. It means that before you say something or do something, you think about it for an additional second. Sometimes hesitating is good--before you buy something very expensive or before you sign a contract, hesitating is usually good! But you should never hesitate if your husband or wife asks you, "Do I look fat?" You should answer immediately or you will be in trouble!! If your mother asks you if her new dish tastes delicious, should you hesitate? Probably not!!

5. Something's off here.
Something is strange here. Something is not right. Something is wrong. Something is fishy!

Sometimes you can walk into your home and you notice immediately that something is wrong. You might assume that your mother and father were fighting. Maybe your boss is in a very angry mood. Maybe the teacher is very sad. When you notice something is not normal, you can say "Something's off." or "Something's off here!"

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