Friday, February 22, 2013

FNL for February 22! Describe the Pictures!!

I look forward to your answers TONIGHT!!
Write sentences for the following pictures^^

THANKS TO EVERYONE who participated^^


Office and kitchen utensils/tools together.
Appliances: microwave, washing machine, fridge, toaster, copier, printer

I really love these easy-open packages! (great sarcasm)
This happens to me whenever I open a new CD package. “CD crystal”

Canon unveils its cutting edge technologies.
…butcher knife / scissors!!!

Someone opened the Canon ink pack, but I was wondering which tool they used to open it. Was it the scissors or the butcher knife?

Filet knife


Get a six pack (image labels) in seconds to become six pack man!
After the barbecue, clean the grill and use it to achieve that 6-pack without any effort!

Technology has changed the world. It has changed the way we think, the way we communicate, the way we study and, of course, the way we exercise, too.
This (product) helps you get washboard abs while you're watching TV.
"I'm in shape. Round is a shape."
If it's 99 cents. I might.

This picture shows us how fitness is being marketed nowadays in a sarcastic way. Look at him, while watching TV, he is getting a 6-pack!

I love my abs SO much that I keep a fat layer to protect them!

Abdominal muscles


This little girl hit the glass with her face mistakenly. This little girl ran into the window accidentally.

Glass…material (sand)
A glass (a cup/water)
Glasses (on your face)
Perhaps, she was trying to find a/her way to go outside.
The little girl behind the window (glass door) looks like "Chucky the killer doll", doesn't she?  Walking dead!! ZOMBIES!!

A baby girl in a pink dress is pressing her face against a glass window, not realizing (knowing) that she looks like that child from the movie 'Exorcist'.
Trying to see the world from behind the transparent glass. Patio door

This cute baby has only two teeth, but look at how big her tongue is! (rhetorical question) Maybe she is showing her tongue to her mom after her mom asked if she ate anything secretly/behind her mother’s back.


A car crashed into a frozen lake because of a snow storm.

A drunk driver likes to swim at midnight with his nice car.
Likes to swim—enjoys swimminghas fun swimming

A drunk driver drove into the lake at midnight.

A sports car sank in a frozen lake.
Did someone see the Lamborghini I just parked there?
There is some debris, but I don’t know what crashed. I think a car sunk there and a few people are standing there and we can see only their legs.

Police tape
To keep people out/away

A sports car drove into a frozen river/lake.
Ran into/dove/ fell/sunk/

Ice skating rink

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Bear SantaRaisin said...

These pictures are absolutely hilarious. Totally got me in stitches. <3