Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Answers for EC6^^

Do you know your countable and uncountable nouns? (count/non-count nouns) Only ONE of these sentences is perfect! Which one?

1.     I love carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuces and broccolis.
2.     I love carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and broccoli.
3.     I love carrot, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and broccolis.
4.     I love carrot, tomato, cucumber, lettuces and broccoli.

Number 2 is best!

Countable (Count) Nouns      Uncountable (Mass) Nouns
Carrots                                  Lettuce
Tomatoes                               Broccoli
Potatoes                                 Corn
Cucumbers                             Cabbage
Peas                                       Asparagus
Beans                                     Bamboo
Brussels sprouts                     Squash
Radishes                                Zucchini  
Onions                                   Eggplant 

Here are the common ways to COUNT veggies!
A carrot
A few carrots
A carrot stick
Some carrots
Some carrot slices
Some carrot sticks

A tomato
A few tomatoes
A slice of tomato
A few slices of tomato
Some tomatoes
Some tomato slices

A cucumber …
A few cucumbers
A slice of cucumber
A few slices of cucumber
Some cucumbers
Some cucumber slices

A head of lettuce
Some lettuce
A leaf of lettuce
A few leaves of lettuce

A head of broccoli (cauliflower)
A few crowns of broccoli (cauliflower)
Some broccoli (cauliflower)
A stalk of broccoli (cauliflower)

An ear of corn
A head of cabbage
A stalk of asparagus
A spear of asparagus
A stalk of bamboo
A piece of squash

Some peas
Some beans

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