Friday, March 1, 2013

FNL for March 1st! Describe the Pictures!!

I look forward to your answers TONIGHT!!
Write descriptive sentences for the following pictures^^




Hope moves you.

Anyway, I'm not going to carry you to Nashville! I have a date tonight!

Nashville—is the HOME to country music. Cowboys…horses…donkeys!!

Oh god, I've done many harmful things to this mad man. That’s why he is just throwing me a piece of carrot. I will teach him a lesson when I am reincarnated.

Karma…(doing good things gives you good karma….doing bad things gives you bad karma…depending on your karma, determines your fate when you die.)

It's a donkey. And a carrot on a stick is usually a good motivational trick to steer a donkey in the direction you want.
Husband and beer.
Children and cookies


What a wonderful hotel! l want to have a date with my beautiful wife. I will stay here forever with my love!! Happiness in life is enjoying the beauty coming from nature and life itself.

It's a house with a red roof built on a cliff so that it overlooks the spectacular view of the horizon..

I expect everyone to attend my house warming ceremony. Attached is a glimpse of my house.
A priest comes to bless the house so that evil spirits do not enter.


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