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English Challenge #2 Answers: How to use: trashed, littered, dirty AND messy

English Challenge #2

This sidewalk is ...
1. trashed with tiny advertisements.
2. littered with tiny advertisements.
3. dirty with tiny advertisements.
4. messy with tiny advertisements.

The answer: This sidewalk is littered with tiny advertisement.


These words can be confusing! Sometimes native English speakers use all of those words for the same situation!! BUT, not every situation can use all of those words! So, I will give you some BASIC rules for each of the words. Then I will show you many photographs and YOU have to choose the BEST answer.

First of all, the BASIC rules for each word.

Trashed: destroyed, beyond repair
This car is trashed. It can not be fixed, it is destroyed. Well, if you had a LOT of time and a LOT of money, you could fix it. However, it would be better to buy a new one.  If something is trashed, you usually have to throw it away.

Littered: something being strewn about, something unfitting for the normal environment
Normal Environment
Littered Environment
People leave their trash on a beach? Those are bad people. The trash becomes LITTER. Garbage does NOT belong on a beach. Garbage does NOT "fit" the normal environment. People must be careful NOT to litter. Sometimes Mother Nature litters, too. During a storm, she might bring debris from one area into another area. In that case, we could say "the park is littered with broken tree branches."

Dirty: soiled with dirt, unclean, very unappealing to the eye/nose/ear/touch. Also unappealing to one's morals.
Clean fingernails

Dirty fingernails
Gross. If something is dirty, it needs to be CLEANED! With soap and hot water. Something dirty probably has bacteria, which could cause disease. If something is REALLY dirty, we can say it is FILTHY.

Messy: dirty but not soiled, disorganized, chaotic
NEAT!  My room ... in my dreams

MESSY! My room ... closer to reality!
Moms hate messy things...but at the same time, messy is sometimes cute! Little babies are messy eaters, but they are still cute. My hair is often messy, but Parmy says I still look cute!

.                                                                      .

So, after looking at all these pictures and reading what I wrote, do you understand the difference between TRASHED, LITTERED, DIRTY and MESSY? I hope so. Let's test your knowledge with the 24 pictures below.
Good luck~~

1. The little girl's face is ___.
2. The man's face is ___.
3. This car is ___.

4. The police car is ___.
5. The man's clothes are ___.
6. This bathroom is ___.
7. The children have ___ the living room with flour.
8. These expensive cars are ___.
9. The area around Stone Henge is ___ with garbage.
10. This beach is ___ with dead fish.
11. This expressway is ___ with cars.
12. The baseball diamond is ___ with debris thrown by angry fans.
13. This dorm room is ___.
14. This kitchen is ___.
15. These dishes are ___.
16. This young boy's face and body is ___.
17. This truck is ___. 
18. The man's hands are ___.
19. This television is ___.
20. This beach is ___.
21. This sidewalk is ___ with cigarette butts.
22. This college dorm room is ___.
23. This public toilet is ___.
24. This baby's entire body is ___!

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