Friday, December 21, 2012

EC#1 Quiz Answers: HOW TO USE: made of ~ made from ~ made with ~ made out of ~

English Challenge #1 Extra Homework.

If you haven't seen the video FIRST, watch it HERE!

The week's challenge was HOW TO USE:

made of ~
made from ~
made with ~
made out of ~

The answer: Most native English speakers do NOT distinguish. We mix them up. BUT, there are some rules:

Made of ~ does not change form (house—still bricks, shirt—still cotton)
Made from ~ changes form (paper from trees, wine from grapes)  
                     (cannot reconstitute--cannot go back to trees/grapes)
Made with ~ care/love/meaning OR a mixture (A cake is made with eggs, 
                     flour, butter, sugar)
Made out of ~ the source (especially ONE source/ingredient)—
                     wine/cotton/plastic/wood. My remote control is made out of 

It's a little confusing. And in most situations, more than one answer is possible. But NOT always!

The answers to the QUIZ at the end of the video:  I have chosen the BEST answer first^^

1. Orange juice is made out of oranges.  (Also "from" is possible.)

2. This house is made of wood. ("out of" and "with" are also possible)

3. This dress is made of silk. ("out of" is also possible)

4. This house is made of trees. ("out of" is also possible)

5. This soup is made with chicken.

6. This sandwich is made with cheese.

7. This sidewalk is made from old tires. ("out of" is also possible)

8. This statue is made out of marble. ("of" is also possible)

9. These Christmas cards are made with love.

10. Ice cream is made with cream. ("from" and "out of" are also possible)