Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let's Master English 32: An American in England

Welcome to LME Podcast! Thank you for listening.

This podcast’s contents are:

1.       HELLO

2.       NEWS: An American in England

3.       Country Shane’s FACT!

4.       5 great questions from YOU!

         1. Explain the word “apparently”

         2. I have many cousins: how can I explain

             which cousin I’m talking about?

         3. How can we stop making mistakes? I know

             the grammar rules, but I still make the same


         4. How can I join your LIVE classes?

         5. Is it “a useful subject” or “an useful subject”?

5.       LME’s ANDROID APP and Good bye!


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1 comment:

Narcissa Robijn said...

Hi, coach Shane , why don't you answer my question? I've asked them many times but it looks like they do not reach you.
Any way I'll ask again
What is the exact pronunciation of these three words
I ask this question because I've heard many different pronunciations for them, so I just thought that maybe the different pronunciations refer to different accents. I've heard you and Google pronounce this differently, so I just doubted on that, I thought that maybe the Google pronunciation is British.
Any way, I don't know. I hope this time you get my question !!! ^^