Saturday, September 14, 2013

I have FOUR sentences from the news~~ Try the dictation FIRST before checking the answers below^^

Mercedes has unveiled its completely self-driving car—get yours in 7 years.




unveiled …to take away the veil—showing to the public for the FIRST time, uncovered, revealed

An IT man took off on a solo flight to Europe—powered by helium balloons—but came up way short.

Came up short: inadequate

12 hours
Steve Jobs’ career took off in 1984.
got his BIG break

He went a short distance and came back.
He failed.
I went to buy a TV, but when I looked in my wallet—I came up short.

An obituary was pulled from the papers because it dealt too much with the deceased’s abuse towards her children.

Would you pull it or leave it?

Taken out

A newspaper notice/announcement of someone’s death

Twitter tweeted it has filed for an IPO—they may bring in up to 20 billion dollars.

Applied for

File your income taxes
File a lawsuit


ID (identification) handle
Initial Public Offering: selling stocks (securities) for the first time

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