Friday, September 6, 2013

FNL September 6, 2013

Watch the video and try the dictation!!!  The answers are below^^

Hey! Bite your tongue.
Stop talkingàDo NOT reveal “the secret”
T+Y=CH                                                                 T+R = train CHR
D+Y = J                                                                   D+R = drain JR
Z + Y = ZH/ZY


Some of your questions leave me tongue-tied.
At a loss (of words)—speechless—you don’t know WHAT
to say/HOW to answer

give meàgimme

I’m tied up for the week.
To be busy
Clean your room
Clean up your room
Eat your veggies
Eat up your veggies

George Clooney’ll never get hitched.
To tie the knot
Are you hitched?

My shirt got caught on the chair.

What’s the catch? (trick)

What’s the hitch?

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