Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Should You Learn English Online?

Should You Learn English Online?

Yes! Learning any language online is a wonderful experience.
But, when learning English, you have to ask yourself two very important questions:

What KIND of English do you want to learn?
            British English? American English? Grammar? Vocabulary? Pronunciation? Culture?
How SERIOUS are you about learning English?
Are you frustrated because your English is not improving and you’re at a point where you really need to make some REAL improvements?

Here is a tip for you to choose the right classes online to cut your frustration:

You should think about these two methods before choosing an online class: The “Prescriptive Approach” and the “Descriptive Approach” to learning English.

The “Prescriptive Approach” is basically the study of “English that follows proper grammar rules”. Prescriptive English is important in written English and tests like the TOEFL and IELTS.

The “Descriptive Approach” is basically how English is used in everyday life…“real English”. In everyday life, people don’t always follow the “proper” grammar rules. Descriptive English is important for speaking and listening comprehension.

So, are you studying English to write or to take a test? Then Prescriptive English is best.

Are you studying English to speak and to improve your listening skills? Then Descriptive English is best.

Choose the right teacher and the right course that fits your need. Are you in need of Prescriptive ESL teaching or Descriptive ESL coaching?

Now, here are more tips and actual information to help you choose the best online English course for you.

Free Online English classes
Free classes are great and they are the best way to start. Unfortunately, free classes are often very short and don’t give you enough information to really master English. It is also difficult for the teachers to interact with you through free classes—there are SO many students with SO many questions! But, if you only have a few minutes every day, the free classes are perfect!

Podcasts are also a GREAT way to work on your listening skills, build vocabulary and learn English while you are commuting or exercising or falling asleep!

These are my recommendations for wonderful FREE English classes:

Grammar: learnamericanenglish on YouTube
British culture: duncaninchina on YouTube
British pronunciation and expressions: iswearenglish on YouTube
American pronunciation: dailydictation on YouTube
American expressions: dailyeasyenglish on YouTube
Podcast: “Let’s Master English” on iTunes and “

Paid Online English classes
If you are paying for classes you have to choose carefully. First of all, will you have the TIME to commit? If you are serious about studying English, then you should be prepared to invest your time and energy and money in a class that is fun and challenging. You should have at LEAST 30 minutes every day to focus on your English studies. If you invest in a class that does NOT have much interaction with a NATIVE ENGLISH speaker, then you should NOT be paying more than $30 per month.

The best online classes give you the chance to speak DIRECTLY with a NATIVE ENGLISH speaker. But those classes can cost LOTS of money. One-to-one LIVE lessons are great, but “group” LIVE classes, in my opinion, are even better. Group classes allow you the chance to LISTEN to other people, hear their problems and mistakes and questions, build your confidence level over time and form friendships and English speaking partners. And, they’re much cheaper. Also, online classes should be offering you at least one new class every week. The material should be “fresh” and should be “real” (especially for Descriptive English).

So, what kind of English do you want to learn?
How serious are you about learning English?

If you haven’t started, start TODAY!

Written by Coach Shane, the world’s greatest Descriptive Approach English coach!!


Abdulrahman Farouq said...

hey coach Shane.. I'm AbdulRahman from Sudan. I want to say you're doing a great job. and I'm really enjoying your podcasts. they are helping me a lot. I started listening to them few days ago, but they are giving me a good reason to keep improving my language. thank you very much coach :)

Sake Cash said...
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Sake Cash said...

Hello Shane,

That's an interesting article. But I have a question - Why in your opinion we should not be paying more than $30 per month for English classes without native? Why the threshold is $30, not $40 or $50?
I was wondering if I pay too much for my classes - I pay around $70 monthly. I do not have any interaction with a native English speaker there.
My teacher is Polish and graduated in English philology at the local university and we have one one-to-one 50 minute lesson a week.

What do you think I overpay? Should I look for some lesson with a native English speaker?

Best regards,

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