Saturday, December 28, 2013

FNL December 27, 2013 The LAST FNL of 2013 : Phrasal Verbs

This was a fun FNL where we learned a few PHRASAL VERBS. One sentence was SUPER difficult to dictate...but after we saw the answers, it was easy!!

Here is the VIDEO:

Phrasal Verbs
ACTION VERB + Particle (Preposition)

He’s single, he’s rich, he’s funny. Add it up.
George Clooney
“what more could you want?”
“You do the math.”
“You figure it out”
What do you think? (it’s obvious)

It’s expensive, it’s smelly, it causes cancer. Add it up!
Do you need MORE reasons?!!!

Turn [it] around, you need to back [it] in.
The driver!

You wanna go in on a gift/ with us?
Do you want to go in on a TV with us for Jerry?

Left foot

To go in on: to SHARE THE COST/to chip in/ buy TOGETHER with someone/some people

Line vs lion
The lion was lying on the rug lying to us!
The lions were lying in line 2.

Y i o
Hello idiot!

Iron…I earn
Ironman/I earn money!/ Iron Maiden
Ironman ironed money.

Shiver, tremble, quiver, shudder

You got it going on.
Let’s Go in on a pizza.
Marvin Gaye—What’s Going on?

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