Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The ANSWERS to English Challenge #3

The challenge was...

Although and Though

Even Though
Despite and In Spite Of

OH!! The confusion^^ That is our English Challenge #3 

Many native English speakers will use the following sentences:

1. Although he is fat, he’s very fast.
2. Even though he is fat, he’s very fast.
3. Despite his being fat, he’s very fast.
4. He’s fat; however, he’s very fast.

But one of them is just not quite right. Can you figure out WHICH sentence that might be? And…how can you change the sentence to make it sound more “natural” WITHOUT adding or subtracting any words? You can answer down below OR by visiting my facebook page . Good luck^^

And the answer...the first sentence would be BETTER as...

Although he is fast, he is very fat.

BUT WHY????? I made a video that explains HOW to use these words. I also did LOTS of research on HOW native English speakers actually use these words! I was able to find some patterns that are NOT talked about in grammar books. So, I will NOT call these discoveries RULES, rather I will call them RULES OF THUMB. Actually, I prefer the term HEURISTICS. "heuristics" means "rules of thumb".  What does "rules of thumb" mean?  It's a RULE that is NOT based on proper science! 

Doing this research was FUN, but very exhausting. Making the heuristics might be controversial, but they will help ESL/EFL students when it comes to using the expressions^^

 Watch this video and I explain^^

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