Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another FIVE great English expressions!

He’s a happy-go-luck guy! He’s a carefree guy. He is a jovial guy^^

To be happy-go-lucky means to be happy…all the time! And they say, that being happy attracts luck! However, don’t let your happiness blind you! The more “carefree” people become, the more they need to be careful!!!

You all set?
You all ready? You ready to go?

This expression comes from the 100 meter race! The race starter says, “Ready….set…go!” When the guy says “ready”, the runners go to the start line—they’re shaking their legs to prepare for the race and they begin to kneel down. When the starter says “set” they get into the starting position and freeze—they are ready to TAKE OFF like a rocket! And when the starter says “go” he shoots his starting pistol and the runners RUN!  SO, in daily English, we say, “You all set?” If yes, then we say, “Let’s go!”

To feel slighted
To feel left out, to feel cheated, to feel hurt…

When people don’t invite you, you might feel slighted. If someone doesn’t compliment you on a good job, you might feel slighted. If someone doesn’t recognize you but you recognize them, you might feel slighted. If your mom gives your brother a cookie but she doesn’t give YOU a cookie, you might feel slighted^^ 

When was the last time you felt slighted? Why?

She can’t stand him…
She hates him. She wants nothing to do with him. She despises him. She finds him repulsive.

The dictionary usually says that “can’t stand” means “cannot endure/tolerate”. Well, that’s not completely wrong, BUT it more commonly means HATE. It’s a VERY strong expression—especially when you say it about another person. Does this dialog sound polite?

A: What are you eating?
B: I’m eating dried squid. Do you want some?
A: NO! I can’t stand squid!

“B” is being VERY rude!! However, we do use this expression a lot. Especially when talking about politicians, food, entertainers… Is there anyone YOU can’t stand? Who is it and why?

That’s pie country!
That area is famous for pies. That region is well-known for its delicious pies!

Do you like pies? I grew up with my mom’s homemade apple pies^^ They were always SUPER delicious. Especially ala mode!  Store-bought and bakery-bought pies are okay, but homemade pies are the best. Homemade ANYTHING is best. And different parts of the country (Korea, the US, France, etc.) have different specialties, right? What area do you live in? Is there a specialty? Maybe a food? Or a special product? Maybe a special sport?

Colorado is ski country.
Northern Wisconsin is fishing country.
Idaho is potato country.
Texas is oil country.

What about your country? Make several examples^^


Laura Lavega said...

Hi Shane,
I'm an Argentinian English teacher trainee and a Spanish teacher. I was asked to make a presentation on accents for a phonetics class and I decided to explore American English Variety, as we are mainly taught the British variety and know little about US pronunciation.
I've been doing some research and I'd like to use your videos to illustrate some characteristics of American English and share them with my classmates.
Would you mind telling me where you are from in the US? Thanks a lot and I think your videos are great!

Heesoo Claire Koh said...

I am a big big fan of your youtube channel!your channel is so brilliant and you helped me a lot! I heard you also teaching English in Korean so I just wonder does that mean you're teaching English in Korea? if you do would you please let me know where you teaching at? I would love to fix my accent more like an American or just wants to speak English more clear but it's pretty hard ( I spend my high school years in NZ and sometimes my accents are like mixed with too many accents and not clear enough *no offence to anyone has Kiwi accent this is me being struggling wih her own accent*) and have so many questions to ask. I want to be your student so so bad...