Thursday, April 5, 2012

8 Great English Expressions You Should Know^^

A tune-up
A tune-up is a check up for your car—oil change, fluid check, tire check, lights… They say you should get a tune-up every 5,000 kilometers or about every 3 months. What about for your body? You should check that, too. But we don’t call a “body check” a “tune-up”, we call it a “check-up”^^ When’s the last time you went in for a tune-up? What about a check-up? What about a dental check-up?

When’s the last time you got a tune-up?
My car needs a tune-up.
You should get your car tuned up before going on a long trip.
Tune-ups are pretty inexpensive.
What gets done when you get a tune-up?

He makes a fortune
he makes a ton, he hauls it in, he’s rolling in dough…he makes a lot of money!:

How much is a fortune? A million dollars? A monthly salary of 10,000 dollars? The definition is relative—to a pizza delivery boy, $2000 dollars might be a fortune. But to a Wall Street banker, $2000 is just a nice dinner. Have you made your fortune? How will you make your fortune?

He made a fortune on stocks.
He lost a fortune in the market.
My watch cost me a fortune.
Living in Seoul costs a fortune.
Fixing my car is gonna cost a fortune.

I got a little distracted
I lost my ability to focus/concentrate

When we are driving down the road and we see an accident, most people get distracted. They pay TOO much attention to the accident and NOT enough attention to driving—they might cause another accident. What sorts of things distract you? (think about when you are trying to study or when you are driving) Bright lights? Loud noises? Inconsistant noises? Kids? Laughing? Coughing? Yawning? Smells?

His knuckle-cracking is so distracting.
I got distracted by the noise.
The accident distracted me.
It’s hard to distract me.
I never get distracted.
I always get distracted.
She complains that I distract her.
Don’t distract me! I’m trying to ~~

Im not tuned in to ~~
To be oblivious to something~~ to be unaware of something~~ to not pay (enough) attention to something

Shanes not tuned in to the K-pop culture.
I’m not tuned in to what’s going on in the world.
I’m not tuned in to other people’s needs.
He’s not tuned in to the emotional side of himself.

I gotta go~
I gotta run.

I’m going to have to hang up. We use this expression when we want to STOP talking on the phone^^

**“I gotta go” can also mean: I have to leave and I have to go to the bathroom!

Hold it
Hold on, wait a sec, wait a second, keep your pants on, just a minute/second, wait up…

Another great expression when you need a little extra time. You can use it when you are looking for something, when you want to move something, when you want to check something…and many other situations^^

I'm getting too old for this stuff.

This means you are not good at “this stuff” anymore. It could also mean you are too mature for this stuff. In my case, I don’t enjoy video games anymore. I used to really like them when I was a kid. But, I guess I’m getting too old for video games… However, I do love to play baseball, but whenever I play baseball; I am not fast enoughL Maybe I’m getting too old for baseball! When my boss tells me that I have to "go for a second round after a company dinner", I say "Can't! I'm way to old for that shit!" What about you? Are you too old for anything?

I’m getting too old to play baseball.
I’m getting too old for video games.
You’re never too old to go hiking^^
You’re too old to be drinking all night.
You’re too old for these Speedos. Too fat, too.

You left the keys in the car?

You forgot the keys in the car?

What a nightmare!! You arrive at your office and you realize you forgot your keys to your desk! You arrive at home and you realize you left your keys in the office! You get to the bus stop and you find out you left your wallet at home! You leave in the morning, it’s raining, and you realize you left your umbrella on the subway!! ARGHHH! Are you forgetful? Do you leave things lying around? Are you absentminded? What things do you commonly lose or forget? How do you make yourself remember? Leave some examples~~

I always forget to bring my ~ with me.
I always forget to take my ~ with me.
I always leave my ~ at home!
I sometimes leave my ~ at the office.
Once I left me ~ in a taxi.

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