Wednesday, January 30, 2013

English Challenge #5

On Sunday, in America, Americans will be watching the Super Bowl. It’s the championship game for professional America football. Football is America’s MOST popular sport. Part of the fun of football is watching the HUGE players hurt each other! Like in the photo below~~

Which of the following is NOT correct?
1.     The player in red is sacking the other player.
2.     The player in red is nailing the other player.
3.     The player in red is hugging the other player.
4.     The player in red is tackling the other player.


Unknown said...

I think the second one is the answer
the player in red is nailing the other player,I think.

Unknown said...

The player in red IS NOT hagging, №3 is not correct

Unknown said...

tackling, I guess? sacking has something to do with the beginning part, nailing someone is not the purpose of the game...